Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thirteen Pen Names before Morgan St. John

1. Montana Grey, still my favorite alternative even if I don't write westerns.
2. Rose Matthews, a combo of children's names...
3. Bailey Morgan, apparently too modern or fadish. Besides, I like drinking Bailey's so I can only imagin someone calling me a getting a 'yes please!' in reply!
4. Dakota Morgan, Does it say stripper to you?
5. Cait(y) Madison, my sister is Kate...I don't think my DH would appreciate people walking around calling me that. Love the spelling though! and love the Madison.
6. Harley Matthews, is a little tiny bit too fadish, but it's like the me I'd love to have the balls to be.
7. Tracy Pearl - NO! I shiver just typing it and wonder how it ever got on the list!
8. Magnolia, no last there's an idea.
9. Fiona Baker, I do love to bake and have considered opening a pie shop but that name on one of my books? Just isn't going to happen.
10. Magdalynne, I think I have a story started with this name as a character. Seems like the only reason is would end up on a pen name list. Like the name...but for characters only!
11. RoseLee Morgan, another family name combo, a little too southern for me. Not that I won't someday live in the south. It's just as likely as me living in the midwest or the west...or the north for that matter.
12. Morgan Matthews, PHEW, a mouthful.
13. finally, the WINNER, Morgan St. John - I really love this name. Family Combo and classy to boot.

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  1. Almost all of the names I came up with sounded like stripper names...

  2. Those were interesting...I think you made the right choice, though.

    Happy TT

  3. Hehehe, this was funny! Great TT!!

  4. Tough ones--I kind of like Montana Gray too, LOL

    Auto linkies can be found at love them!

    Happy TT to you :D

  5. i like fiona baker. magnolia is pretty. harley sounds like a rocker chick name. how did you ultimately decide on morgan st. john?

  6. Nice.

    Morgan St. John DOES sound classy. :)

  7. Yep, you picked a winner! Though I do like #1 as well.

  8. I'm quite attached to the name Morgan -- it's my daughter's name. Not a soul in our family (either side) has that name, I simply loved it. Wasn't it nice of my hubby to coop and give me a daughter so I could use it?

    Why did you go with a pen name? I'm always interested in folk's reasons.

  9. Wow, I forgot my link.

    Thanks for adding me.

  10. Some of those I'm glad you didn't pick!

    Happy TT13 - mines up at

  11. LOL Morgan, I love Montana Grey too. And Rose Matthews is pretty:)But Morgan St. John rocks!

  12. This rocks! People on my blog? I guess they were right, go out and bring them in. That's the key.

    share and share a like...
    peas in a pod...
    one big happy family...

  13. My TT is up!

    I'm back baby!!

  14. Those pesky pen names. I think you made the right choice too.

  15. I definitely love the one you picked. Aren't pen names great? Kind of makes up for the crappy names some of us get stuck with in real life...

  16. Good list, they all have their pros and cons don't they. Way to go. My quotes by famous people.

  17. so i just found you through seeley, so blame her if i bother you. i just had to comment about your B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L children! so cute so cute so cute!


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