Friday, September 21, 2007

Losing Teeth

What a CUTIE!
The little guy lost his tooth. Fell on the cement and knocked it into four separate peices! One little peice fell out that afternoon. What a trooper. Only cried for a short time... until we got to the dentist the next day, anyway.
So, the dentist was weird... I'm not from around here [here being where I live] but I've never had to wait outside while my kid had his teeth worked on. Thank God, DH was there. He watched through this window as the doctor and hygienists eximined, poked and prodded. DH is way more assertive than I am. Reassurance is something you can't buy!
They [the people behind the window] wanted to clean his other teeth but he was too upset so they decided to put it off until next time... DUH.
Well, the broken tooth had a cavity in it. If not for that cavity, the tooth probably would have survived meeting the cement as did all the other teeth. Okay, that's a little embarrassing...for a parent. Who knew?! The VERY NICE doctor - really the only reason we stayed to have the tooth pulled - talked us through the procedure. I was comfortable with this woman to allow her to take my child. Still weird, though...
I wonder if they would hold to that rule for my son who is blind? Hmm. We don't think we'll be going back there even if the event didn't end with traumatic written all over it.
would you take your kid to a closed-door policy dentist?


  1. No, I wouldn't. I understand the practice, especially since I have serious dentist tension that probably communicates to my kids. BUT I'm not going to make my kid go through something that MAY be scary by himself.
    Just sayin'.
    I don't blame you for not going back, no matter how nice they are.
    And your poor tyke. Don't be embarrassed by cavities. It's tough when they're little to get those teeth clean enough. It's not like you don't have OTHER things to worry about, like keeping his wee wee and his bum clean.
    Hope he's doing well and the tooth fairy is generous.

  2. I've never heard of a dentist that doesn't allow a child's parent to sit in. I don't think I would go back either. That would just frighten me as much as my child.

    Don't feel bad about the cavity. My stepson has all sorts of cavities, since he was very young when I first came into his and his father's life. Not sure how he ended up with them except that his father(my husband) had a tendency to buy him things like "Bug Juice" drinks and Gatorade, even if his son wasn't really active.

    I have a feeling that might've had a lot to do with it. Shortly after I moved here, I instated toothbrushing. My stepson's stepsister at his mother's knocked one of his baby teeth out accidently when he was about 3. He's almost 9 now and his bottom teeth are coming in extremely crooked on account of that. I have a feeling braces are in his future if we want his teeth to get straightened out.

    My 4 year old daughter though has been brushing her teeth since she was old enough to realize what her brother was doing after breakfast and before bedtime. Still haven't gotten her in with a dentist though(bad mommy) but knock on wood hers will be ok...I REFUSED to allow her to drink Gatorade unless she's been outdoors in the heat playing.

    I've always been of the belief that Gatorade was only for very active sporty people, not for little kids to drink like Kool-Aid.

    How's little man doing now?

  3. I don't think I'd leave The Boy in a dentist's chair alone. I love going to the dentist, there's nothing like that super clean feeling. But I just can't leave my kid like that. I'm not overly maternal, but I'm extremely posessive. lol

    He looks like such a little trooper. Glad he's okay.

  4. Hello Ms. St. John :) MOST dentists do not allow parents in the room. The kids act WAY worse when the parent is there. HOWEVER, I never go to a dentist with this policy.. I even found ou that one dentist was LYING to me about how my son did.. later to find out he was SOBBING). One very cool dentist we went to had a policy that as long as the child would behave well and not cry, the parent could stay! He used it to make them act BETTER.. "I'll need you to stop crying now, or your mom will have to leave the room." Seems cruel, but it REALLY worked! Sigh. Dentists. They can't all be as awsome as Dr. Nylaan~ :) K


  6. When I took DS in when he chipped two of his permanent teeth at the start of school, the dentist had me come back in with him so he didn't have to explain everything twice. I don't think he would have had issues with me going back when he had one of the teeth fixed and a cavity filled on the next visit, but i had DD with me too and were scrambling to get the paperwork for the rest of us filled out. DS said he didn't need me anyway... they grow up so fast...

    I think it depends on your dentist and how much you trust them in general. A lot will also depend on your kids. i never had issues with dentists, but DH could tell you some horror stories.

    Guess where i'm going tomorrow! My turn!

  7. don't beat yourself up over it, Mama! this too shall pass,
    and bizarre about the dentist. we have a pediatric center dentist, but truth be told I haven't brought my kids (oops).

  8. No, I wouldn't see a dentist who does that. Find a pediatric dentist - the wonderful one my kids went to also specialized in kids/people with severe handicaps. The whole office was used to dealing with kids, and there were lots of prizes, pictures taken, all sorts of games in the waiting area...

    And about the cavity... some teeth are just prone to getting cavities. One of my kids has fillings - the other 2, none I can remember. Your uncle still has cavities EVERY time he goes to the dentist; I haven't had one in over 30 years! And it's not because I take extra special care of them! Genes...

    Love, Aunt Lois


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