Wednesday, October 10, 2007

100 miles in 54 days

Decreasing that word-count induced waist line.
Feel like getting healthy? Visit the link and check it out!

Something I like about starting an exercise program...

Buying Shoes - I did, too. Men's Prospirit - Samuel, size 7
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They were just more comfortable than any of the women's shoes I tried on...and they were cheaper. I bought an expensive pair of Nike shoes last fall and I wore them out, bare bones uncomfortable. So, $14.99 seems reasonable. I don't expect them to last more than 9 months anyway. Last fall, I bought all the 'clothes' so I can't go back there...unfortunately. That would be great fun.

Today I walked the kids to school. It was not a fast walk but it was up hill both ways. I might have to do the same to pick them up but I'd rather get out after dinner and really exercise... Maybe that will happen. I was thinking. If I walked at night, it might motivate me to run...away from the boogie monster.

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Yeah, that could make me run.

I'm boring you...
I'm boring myself.

Listen to Nickelback, Rockstar.

Good luck today everyone.
keep up the miles...


  1. Love that video!

    I will totally stand on the sidelines and cheer while you work out.

    I think I'm allergic to exercise. Every time I try it I break out in a sweat.

  2. Yep, getting one fit arm from going rah rah as you walk on by and my barge butt widens. :-)
    Yay you!

  3. But - how could it be uphill in both directions?????

    My favorite bike ride is all up hill (a gentle hill) in one direction, and you get to coast nearly all the way home.

  4. Oh that's easy. First I go down then I go Up... Second, I go down and then I go Up. LOL


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