Monday, October 8, 2007

The Question of Writing

I actually didn't get much done over the weekend.Rrrr. But I rewrote... most of what I lost last week when the power went out. Forgot one aspect so will add another page or so before moving on. After that it'll be her abduction, his return and their escape... LOL. Seems so simple. But all the while they'll be dodging Sept. 7th bombs and trying to get to the airforce base so that he can get in the air.

Should be fun...

I actually watched a really interesting WW2 documentary this past weekend. [one of the reasons I didn't get much writing done] Part of me felt...hmmm, as if i'd missed my target. There seemed to be nothing romantic about it. It was really sad and I felt that my story didn't reflect the reality. On the other hand, there were definitely glimpses of humanity - humor, love, endurance...strength - in the personal stories from the men who had been there.

I've watched a lot of productions with a WW2 theme but this one struck me. And I wonder if it's because of the story i'm trying to tell. *sigh*

One story in particular left a little hole there in my heart. An American pilot, promoted to a commanding position in eastern Europe had set up headquarters in an old monastary/church structure. During an attack, as he stood at a table reading maps, a bomb came through the side of the building and literally took the top of another soldier's head off. [I know,'s gross] Again, what struck me were his halting words and his tears after such a long time. He had been a commander and could do nothing... He had troops to direct, decisions to be made and so, he continued while others came in and cleaned the mess of blood and brain matter around him.

Sorry, I'm just feeling contemplative...
There were a lot of wonderful, life-giving stories, too.

But, I wonder, do you ever question a story that way?


  1. You know, Morgan, as a military daughter and then wife I have spent much of my life contemplating the circumstances of war. And yes, it was terrible, and it was tragic and it was forever scarring but it happened. People existed then and they fell in love. In fact, many of them fell in love in a cosmic sense and are still deeply in love fifty years later
    I think moments of tragedy and horror are a very legitimate time to fall in love. Just make sure you don't downplay how terrible the situation really was.
    But falling in love at a time like that was something hopefully because it was another sign of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

  2. Loved your post. I like to think that a lot of great love was born during an incredible time of pain. Sometimes the best love is.

  3. You have good perspective, AJ. I'm not usually so morose. It was easy to see the tragedy and forget the spirit...basic needs and, for those who believe in providence, divine intervention.


  4. I think what you saw it's the same with anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience. Last night I was watching a special on kidnapping survivors. Even if the terrible kidnapping had happened years ago, the person could relive the horror like it was happening right there. Some events have strong impacts that you can't erase them from your mind. You can put them in a little vault inside your head and keep them there for a while, but they always resurface.

  5. HI :)

    I stumbled onto an amazing find not too long ago. My Daddy is...inquisitive, and while driving a truck across the country he saw a box on the side of the road, pulled over, and opened it. Inside were a bunch of letters between mother and son during WWII. Daddy finally tracked down the family and they told him to trash the letters. Well, Daddy is inquisitive, he/we read them and these two wrote detailed account of their lives apart, even down to the price she paid for eggs. I am astounded. Some of the letters are missing so I don't have a complete story, but what I have is wonderful.


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