Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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Motivating Factors.

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I've been thinking lately...

I've been known to appreciate a fine-looking man.
Hell, I'm married to one... I think.

BUT, I don't get that urge to run or ride my bike that extra mile just because I found a picture of a really hot guy online and posted it on our blog. Know what I mean???

Like I should run an extra few miles because...well, you never know. Kenny Chesney might stop by this weekend and I REALLY want to look my best, right?

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Do you have a picture of yourself from ten years ago?
Do you have a personal goal? an obtainable climbing Mount Everest?

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Let us know what motivates you to continue this journey.


  1. Seeing the weight I worked so hard to lose creep back on has inspired me!

  2. I picture my book on the shelf at Borders which inspires me to write.
    I picture myself next to Nora Roberts to inspire me to lay off the carbs. LOL.


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