Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm moving in several days...
and totally distracted!

No blog again today.
Just a little hello to all my bloggy friends.



  1. Hope preparations for the move are going well -- and that it's a lot warmer in this section of the country when you arrive at your new home!

  2. shout out to you on my blog tonight.
    had a great time at the going away party. you'll be sorely missed. it's been a great chance living close again :)

  3. Wishing you a safe and relatively stress-free move! Don't leave all the unpacking until several years later... that's always my mistake. *grin*

  4. Hi,

    I hope you have a uneventful move, and your new place is everything you hope it will be. And you have lots of time to write too.

  5. Hey B, I know you are not online this week, but I am tagging you anyway-- You're it!
    :) Katie

  6. Oh hope the move goes as smoothly as possible! When you come back online... visit my blog... I think you're fab and I even said so ;)

  7. I hope you made it home safe!!

    We miss you in chat!

  8. Miss you! I hope everything is going well!


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