Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Big Finale


Thirteen Top lines from Espionage eh trois [JK, it's an untitled WW2 story about spies :D]

This is thirteen "top" lines. That's the first[top] line from thirteen pages typed double-spaced [TNR and 12]. I can't help it. I finished the revisions today and want to celebrate. :D

1. page one: With a full-out grin, Mark walked through the cool, humid morning air to the bed and sat next...

2. page ten: She frowned inwardly at his flippantly spoken words. Was she being deceitful? She...

3. page twenty: Mark slugged him and picked up the pace. Yeah, he could think of a few things to do… ...[i love these things, btw ... i have a critique partner telling me I should delete more! LOL]

4. page thirty: “I believe there’s a military base close to here.” He slowed as she stuck her head back in...

5. page forty: “I know. I have things to tell you as well. We’ll talk, don’t worry. Now, though, we’ll... [Ooo, that's fun. I wonder what they'll do?]

6. page fifty: “What the hell? Of course we’re going to make it.” He backed up in surprise. “Oh my...

7. page sixty: She was just so tired.

8. page seventy: Come on, get on with it! Get in and go.

9. page eighty: ...much, yet too little at the same time. He sighed as would be expected. “It’ll be nice to have...

10. page ninety: ...solid blow to the temple. He hit the desk with a loud thunk. Mark held him by his short, greasy...

11. page one hundred: Henry sighed and rested his hands on the top of the steering wheel. “No. I think you will...

12. page one hundred and ten: Mark grunted. They’d been married only a day when he left… She had no idea what...

13. Last line: The End

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  1. YAYYYYYYYYYY I'm so glad you're done. Nothing like seeing that last line "The End".
    Great stuff there.

  2. The title alone is a great line. My 3rd blogoversary edition Thursday Thirteen is up. #75 13 favorite T13 from the last year. Stop by if you get a chance.

  3. Sounds great!


    My TT is at

  4. Sounds like a winner. Congrats! Happy T13!

  5. I'd like to read the entire story.

  6. Sounds've caught my interest!

    Happy TT - my list is up!

  7. Congrats! I bet # 13 was the most satisfying to write? Whoohoo! Way to go Morgan!

  8. Nice teasers - congrats on finishing!

  9. Congratulations on finishing! It sounds like a great story.

  10. Wow! #13 is sooooo original! How ever did you come up with it? LOL!
    And I think that title's a keeper. (Okay, so I've been dipping into the alcohol already. It's officially after 5 and dh comes home from his biz trip tonight.)

  11. I think #13 is my favorite.


  12. LOL, what a great idea.

    Mine is more like

    Chap 1

    Chap 2

    Chap 1 edited again

    Chap 2 edited again.

    Rinse, repeat. It's why I can't write suspense. LOL

  13. That's not fair. You should at least have put complete sentances.

  14. Woohoo! Your done. I can't wait till it come out!


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