Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enter, The Muses

What do you do when you get a new idea?


Our Muses. Giving us ideas at likely the most inopportune times. Me? I've got a completed manuscript I'm revising and editing and another [almost] finished manuscript that I put aside several weeks ago to write the completed one. I'm not going to even mention my short story/prompt folder... All ideas that will someday be brought to life again.

So, why oH WHY do I get an absolutely WONDERFUL idea for another book? I can't stop thinking about it! So, I've jotted down the notes, the basic ideas, descriptions and feelings. It has a folder on my USB -- Jake and Tara. [my folders are mostly named for the main characters!] Now, I just need a key in order to lock them up and keep them quiet until I'm finished with what I've started.

I should call a pharmeceutical company. Perhaps they can develop something to treat LSS, Last Scene Syndrome. I'm sure I have it and if there's a drug out there that won't cause headaches, gas or oily discharge, I might invest.



  1. I write them all down in a file and call the file the IdeaTree.

    Basically every new idea I just jot notes down (bullet points only) until my brain is empty and then go back to the other idea I was writing initially.

    Otherwise it will drive you apesh*t

  2. Well, I've learned to go ahead and write it out. I write it out until I'm bored with it like the one I ran away from. By then I've figured out how to fix the other story. (I usually takes me a week to get bored with the SHINY NEW IDEA.) I see it as a win-win.

  3. I chat with my CP about them and plot them until I start seeing problem areas and conflict/motivation issues. That kills the mood.

    In fact I found a copy of one of those chats the other day...I'd totally forgotten the story until I opened the file.

    I'll do that one after this one, then that one I did before, then the sequel to the other one....

  4. I second what Mel said. My mind usually strays when I'm a tough spot in the WIP. Coming up with a new idea and going with it for a few days is usually a much needed break and the start of something for some point down the road. I get bored really easily if I'm not completely invested in the story, so I usually want to put the new idea away and go back to the one I've been pulling my hair out over because, well, more often then not it requires less work at that point then the new idea. Suddenly what had been perplexing me seems easy. LOL Does that make ANY sense? :(

    FYI, I name all my ideas organized by the character names, too. :)

  5. I'm sorry, I am afraid it is a terminal condition. But the symptoms can be managed, most of the time.
    My current WIP(the one I am actually working on LOL) started out as just a title. And that idea came to me at work. It simply would not stop. So the title became an outline, the outline got detailed chapter by chapter. I wrote about a 1000 words, then the last scene. It is standing at 10 K over 5K of that written last week.

    Then in the car on my way to work the other night I had an idea for a Christmas story. Just jotted it down. I really want to finish the first one since it would be good for Halloween and if I get it done in the next month I can still my pubs deadline for Halloween. I am only shooting for 25K so it is doable.

  6. Seeley, you might have something there. Kill the motivation! Thanks you. I like when things get dead... makes for a more interesting story.


  7. Well Bethanne, you know me. My mind is a veritable cornicopia of mush that does what it wants when it wants. So when I get an idea that just won't let go, I jot down the basics, and then return to my previous task. Or when my mind needs a break and I just want to write without to much thought (like current editting issues) I fall back on that idea and see where it takes me.
    But I have to have the conviction to go back. having someone I am accountable to helps that. Hugs!

  8. Forgot to add that I am always carrying a notebook around with me to jot down those ideas when they pop up. I tend to call it wms myself (wandering Mind Syndrome) which I suffer from and extremely aggressive case of.

  9. LOL, I've got the notebook too. Or if I don't I'll use, receipts, checks, church bulletins... whatever's handy.

  10. Write a page and walk away. That's what Dayna tells me. I don't always listen...

  11. Hi,

    I don't know if I can add to this but I'll try.

    I have been writing on a manuscript for a while over a year, and it got to be too much (it turned into three book length manuscripts and a novla still unrevised).

    So I pulled out the first few pages I had saved of a manuscript idea that had swam around in my head a while back, and started writing on that. Now I'm almost done and ready to go back to my original manuscipt(s).

    The only thing that can calm your idea that swim around in your head is to write them down. But aren't you glad that they are there in the first place?



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