Saturday, April 19, 2008

Now, I'm safe

Quoted from Monk after he moves an out-of-place item back into place in his kitchen...and there are dirty rotten scoundrels after him.


I feel so much better right now... like i'm not stuck in a lighthouse on an island off the coast of Blogland. :) I love lighthouses but the entire theme was starting to crimp my style.

So, tata to the lighthouse and *sigh* thank heavens for blue. I do love the color blue.

Don't be confused. It's still little ol' me, aspiring author and writer of romantic suspense stories. my url is the same although I've reverted to more the more familiar apellative, Bethanne.

Thanks for sticking with me. I love having visitors!


  1. Bethanne, your blog looks great! I'll be back to visit often.


  2. Thanks Nikki!
    Please do come back.


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