Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

It's the old, thirteen-things-on-my-desk trick.

1. webcam - we use it ALOT!

2. mouse - ditto

3. two candle sticks - with 2 baptismal candles in them. We didn't know if we could throw them away but were tired of "retaining" them. So we're burning them instead.

4. camera - I've been tracking plant growth.

5. glucose monitor

6. sunglasses - unfortunately, the desk is a catch all...of sorts. Not as bad as a junk drawer, but you know... keys, wallets, suglasses...and

7. mail - not really happy about this but it's convenient and 'in the box' as in, I don't know where else to put it possibly because I'm not thinking outside of the box. :D

8. DSL box - it's AT&T...our DSL box from verizon didn't work with AT&T service which stuck in my craw PLUS, our verizon had a wireless option where as this little thing is DSL stand alone...if we were ever to upgrade we'd need a different box. Grrr.

9. Thomas and friends VHS -

10. a Pencil Holder full of Pens and pencils - still they disappear!

11. speakers

12. printer - YAY! a really great thing for those days I wanna get away from the desk and still work.

13. The Fax Machine! - I love this thing. I love being about to say, let me fax that to you. It's an older model but that's actually better. My parents have one with all these buttons on it... and I couldn't quite get it to do exactly what I wanted. So. I'm happy.

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  1. I loved your plant video. It sounds like spring there with all the birds singing. Happy TT.

  2. I put my digital always at my bag..
    Only sometimes at computer when I have to upload to our comp :D

    Will you visit mine Thanks

  3. Oh yes....I can relate to the pencil container. They DO always come?

    Have a terrific t-13 is posted too, it'll take a bit of doing to comprehend it all, but it's worth a shot. Come see if you can decipher it.

  4. your desk sounds a lot like mine...covered in papers, and cough drops, and tape, and lotion, and pens, and Polynesian Sauce?!? Where did THAT come from?!?

    Great T13!

  5. Great topic - I'll have to copy it the next time I come up short for a subject (next week, most likely, LOL).

    It's good to know I'm not the only one... ;)

    Happy T13!

  6. I want a photo of your desk!!
    mine sounds much messier. I like clutter... (shrug)

  7. Your a wife, Mom, writer and chief bottle-washer...that's just what your desk should look like. Right? Tell me I'm right, cause that's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

  8. If you mean BEER bottles...then yes, that's me. :D

  9. Oh, and december, that's only 13 of the things on my desk. LOL

  10. Your desk is bigger than mine. And I caught younger daughter taking my only working pen to school this morning. Argh!

  11. I finally got a couple of mechanical pencils in flashy colors that I could tell apart from the rest just to see what would happen. I've been finding them all over the house.

  12. Hmm...those baptismal candles? Last I heard they were supposed to be saved to light the unity candle when the kid gets married. (Or maybe that's just a family tradition? Not sure...)
    And I'm constantly wondering what happens to my pens and pencils! There's a writing implement thief in my house!

  13. Since I collect pens and pencils, I always have more than I need. I'll send you some of mine.

    Happy TT!

  14. Great TT!


    My TT is at

  15. Yep. I should be writing, but I'm here instead. I haven't seen my desk in a while. I should go visit it sometime. LOL Yup. Love my laptop!

  16. Sounds like your desk isn't half as cluttered as mine! I'm lucky to find my keyboard and mouse! Thanks for the TT!

  17. Similar to what's on my desk except for the baptismal candles! :D

  18. The baptismal candles made me laugh. What a great way to prevent negative energy.

  19. I can live with a messy house, but a messy desk drives me crazy. Mine is an oasis of neatness in an otherwise chaotic household.

  20. While reading this... one thing came to my mind... if I was to do a "Thursday Thirteen" based on what I found on my desk every morning AND every day when I came home from the dreaded day job, it would be really a "Thursday One"...

    1: A Sleeping Cat

  21. Yay for Thomas the Train! (My grandson's favorite...)

  22. I used to have a lots of computer gadgets around too. Now that I have my own office in my house, I keep them hidden in the closet. *wg*

  23. That's quite a lot of...stuff...on your desk there. ;-)

    (Tried to reply last night, but internet was being uncooperative.)


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