Sunday, May 4, 2008

Born Today

Celebrating OUR INDUSTRY -- Publishing, Writing, Journalism... The people who came before us.

1715 - Richard Graves, English Poet and Novelist Photobucket

1772 - Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus, German publisher Photobucket
Now, that's the face of intimidation! So, bring it on Mira!

1852 - Alice Liddell, family friend of Lewis Carroll and possible character model for The Alice in Wonderland
Photobucket Alice, in costume, dressed as a beggar.

1916 - Jane Jacobs, American-Canadian author and activist Photobucket

1938 - Carlos Monsivais, Mexican writer Photobucket

1956 - David Guterson, American novelist Photobucket


  1. Thanks for sharing and making me feel utterly inadequate in the knowledge of the field I have chosen to pursue.... Just kidding! I really enjoyed the list. It's always fun to learn more about those who have inspired or pioneered this industry.

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