Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Narrative vs. POV

I'm writing a scene where my heroine and hero are married--just married, actually. The spur of the moment nuptials leave them breathless...uncertain and a little giddy. Well, she's a little giddy because she loves him. He's uncertainly certain. Photobucket Certain what he is doing is right...Uncertain he's doing it for the right reasons., no. She's not pregnant!.... Too cliche!

Narrative: a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.

What I wanted to do was discuss the differences of narrative[me telling a story] and POV[the characters doing the story]. Apparently...or technically, POV is part of the narrative.

Point of View: The attitude or outlook of a narrator or character in a piece of literature, a movie, or another art form.

GREAT! There goes the Blog...

So here, this is what inspired these thoughts.... from my writing this morning.

"I’ll put your purse in here." Their fingers brushed when he took the small bag from her hands and lifted the flap on the pouch. He buckled the cover down, lifted his head and grinned. "All set?"

"I’m a little nervous." A bubbly laugh escaped when he lifted his leg and straddled the bike in front of her. The small frame sank a few inches lower and she grabbed his shirt along with a pinch of his flesh. "Oh, sorry!"

Mark swiveled and sat perpendicular to her, his shoulder nudged between her breasts.

[Note to CP: I’m trying to be clinical about this…I know she’s feeling things, but at the same time, describing what is happening is different than showing her feelings… I guess that’s what the difference is between narrative and POV. Anyway, this is the second time I’ve used the word breast in this manuscript… I don't want to be redundant. LOL.]


picture Copyright The Motorcycle Museum


  1. You and your 'breasts' LOL

    I am getting giddy too!

  2. I know! isn't it? It's that research thing again!

  3. Well dear heart, as you well know I can't wait to read this little tale... however that is a mute point.

    Are you asking for the difference between the two? Or were you simply pulling one of my moves of talking it out to yourself? To me, pov is a narritive through the eyes of that character, which probably doesn't help you in the least.

    Going back to my corner now and putting on the dunce hat.

  4. If I could answer which is which, I would have less editing to do.

  5. Hmm, i was thinking, Moira, of discussing the difference... and I could in a way differentiate between the POVs but apparently narration is narration and it comes in many forms. :)

  6. Yes, leigh, that is a totally TRUE statement. :)

    I often talk to a manuscript, too. why bother to stop typing? Right?


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