Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finding a Mate

I know this sounds silly, but romance is defined by Man meets Woman, Woman meets Man. They conflict a ton then end up together. I find it really difficult to keep this conflict fresh throughout my story.

When I think it's so obvious that my hero is in love with the heroine, he's supposed to be clueless. But I wonder, when is it too soon to reveal this revelation? Chapter Two? Chapter Six? Nine?

When we add the external conflict of war and suspense and villains...then, can we allow for an earlier revelation of personal interest? What will keep our readers reading? Will they get to a point where they want to rip their hair out and scream, "Stop being such an IDIOT! You are IN LOVE."

I think my hero MUST give in a little. Chapter Ten...I think I'm okay. To allow him to use this friendship as an excuse anymore will only make his character hard to like. Soooo, I will give in. I will allow him to admit that, yes. He has feelings for her. He doesn't know what to do with them...even though they are married, but his feelings are too obvious.

My job as the author is to keep them real. This is real.

Just thought you might like to know. And, also, when I write it out this way, I feel kinda stupid. Chapter TEN?! That's alot. That's plenty of time to have a change of heart. So, thank you Blogspot for helping me brainstorm and sort through my ideas. :D


  1. Betty, a hero or heroine can certainly know very early in the relationship that they are in love, but that doesn't end the conflict. Being in love is almost a war in itself, at least in romance. I read a book recently where the couple knew from page one they were meant to be together. The author did NOT add conflict between the pair at all, and I kept waiting for it to happen. It didn't. Opportunity was there, but the conflict never showed up.

    What relationship has no arguing? what relationship is confident and steps into the world of "romance" without a fight from either of them?

    conflict can be they love each other, but he has other obligations, or she has other obligations. They could have major family issues. (Daddy wants Hero dead for touching his baby girl). So chapter 10 isn't a problem. :) Not as long as there are conflicts still present.

    After all, don't men naturally have a problem with commitment? LOL.

  2. I wrote two stories were it was the heroine who did know or what to admit she was in love with the hero.

    Indeed you can continue the conflict with arguments and disagreements.



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