Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm just going to stop apologizing for now.
as I don't have a fan base...
no marketing strategist to prod me into selling myself...
Just me, at the computer, using my time wisely. <--most of the time...

I picked up another Nora Roberts book. A reread, the Lovers and Dreamers Trilogy. I finished the second book this evening. While reading, over the past couple of days, i figured out why I wanted to be just like Nora. I can read her books and not once think of the craft of writing. I'm submerged in the story so completely, i don't notice anything else.

It's not the writing of a novel that sells...
It's the telling of the story.

I'm trying to keep that in mind. I think it's working, but i'll keep practicing until my CP, my friends and I aren't the only one who think it. LOL. That is also key... So, keep your hats on fellow writers, friends, and family. It's coming... I swear it! :D


  1. All right...you've convinced me. I'm going to pick up one of the Nora books in my TBR pile. Tonight probably. I've yet to read her and I'm in need of some inspiration myself. :) Hopefully she'll do for me what she's done for you. ;)

  2. Ha. tell me which one! so I can live through your experience...

  3. Meh. You know how I feel, but you are absolutely right that the story telling is the thing... ;)

  4. Alright, what should I say.... give me a moment and it will come to me.

    Aha! Well, if you can't tell a story then what is there to write? Just askin'

  5. I believe you, just hang in there and keep pluging away and it will happen.

    Have faith.


  6. That's the thing. I've heard Dan Brown's writing ripped to shreds, but who cares? The story and the telling was awesome.
    I'm going to hang onto that as I write about Big Foot.
    yeah. Don't ask.


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