Saturday, August 9, 2008

Please excuse my French

You can't possibly understand how pissed off I was last night during the Olympic opening ceremonies. I watched all these beautiful people people parade in with their beautiful dresses...their scarves...their hats...pretty shoes. I don't remember which country wore them, but the women had on these sassy red dresses. Reminded me of Audrey Hepburn...

I remember thinking at that point, Oh, I can't wait to see what the US is wearing.


First of all, if you saw our team from a distance you wouldn't be able to distinguish man from woman. It was the most disappointed I've ever been!!!! I mean, what stupid Freak women's Liber decided we had to be Fucking equal to men??? HMMM? There was nothing, absolutely NOTHING pretty about any of the women's clothing. They looked just like the men. Pansy ass men wearing Polo-ish Caddyshack-reminiscent WHITE pants, blue[yes, Navy] sports jackets, and stupid, freaking, country-club set scarves at their necks.

I'm a republican...but, EW. EW.EW.EW. They looked like cookie cutter conservative, golfing..SEXLESS SHITHEADS.


[My daughter saw this picture when I was complaining about the outfits...she said, "but the dress is pretty." YES! THANK YOU, smart 9 year old female. I LOVE YOU.]

When is our country going to WAKE UP and realize that woman have more to offer!

Put a dress on, you morons!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well, I actually thought they looked chic. But that's just me. What irked me more was the commentator's cynical speech. "You know, most of these people won't even get a medal." so derisive. Of course they won't, but the snide way of speaking about these people who are the pride of their countries, uncalled for.

  2. I usually ignore the commentators... LOL I didn't catch that, but it's the reason I ignore them. :) one of the news stations described the outfits as dapper. I guess... but I don't think that's ever been used for a female before...or at least, not typically. Oh well. i'm just one measly little opinion.

  3. I agree with Bethanne. I didn't watch the ceremonies, but looking at that picture, I can tell you that I think they look like a bunch of tightass American yacht-club dudes. They look like Thurston Howell III. What kind of look were they even going for? And there are WOMEN in there? Gads. It's just stupid.

  4. I totally agreed. When you saw some of the most beautiful costumes from countries like Benin and some of the African countries, it was disappointing to see the Boarding School look on the USA team.

  5. I agreed...I weas sorely disappointed to see the US's boring outfits. Blah!

  6. Bethanne, gawd how I love you and the honesty that flows from your mouth like a fine wine...

  7. *blush* I was much more heated then... thank you. I should learn to think before I open my trap. ;-)

  8. what stupid Freak women's Liber decided we had to be Fucking equal to men??? HMMM?

    That would be Ralph Lauren. And I didn't much like the US outfits either. I think the women's outfits would have been cute in a white skirt instead of pants. I also noticed that other countries that wore blazers gave the women scarves to make their look more feminine.

    I don't remember what country it was, but think I know the red dresses you're talking about, and they were quite stylish.


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