Thursday, August 21, 2008

What happened when I read two books

A few things:
I finished crits for Leigh, 5 and 6, will do 7 today.

CP Estelle is in hiding. ;-)

Read Two Alone by Sandra Brown...ended up not being a reread. A nice surprise. The book was okay.

Funny thing, Two Alone is about a plane crash in the mountains. The second book I picked up is about a plane crash, Night, Sea and Stars by Heather Graham.

Coincidence, yes.

I'm going to make salsa a crit on C7, plus some crit on LMurphy.... I opened my own stuff last night then ended up doing ironing instead. :P Procrastination? I think so.



  1. so this woman is you - sexy yet hard working and stuck in a boat - like your procrastination??? Love you!

  2. Sexy picture.
    You da woman!
    Next week, you give ME work to do...for you, that is. Cuz this week you've given me plenty to do on my stuff. And thank you so verra much.


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