Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night Goalposts

Last Week
1) rewrite Switzerland scene~Will do that in the next couple of days.
FINITO!!! Plus, worked through C14-C16.

2) read Tribute, Nora Roberts' new hardcover single title. I'm so happy! From page one, it had a different feel to it. It's been refreshing so far and I love it.
Still NOT finished with this one, but picked up The Road, my bookclub read for this month of September.

3) My goal this week is to get a query letter started. It's time...
Did not touch this...OOPS.

This Week
1) Write query Letter.

2) Read/Revise through...hmm, the end? NO. that won't work because I don't have an end. Up to the end. Consider ending options, including the one already written... Write trip to France<--Big addition. Don't screw it up.

3) Critique one or two more chapters


  1. The Road by Cormack McCarthy? OMG...that book changed my soul. I honestly think it's the most powerful book I've read as an adult. A word of's not an easy read. By that I don't mean the reading is difficult in terms of style or anything. McCarthy is simple, direct, straightforward...beautiful poetic prose. BUT the subject matter will haunt you for for a very long time. For months I thought about that book every day. So many everyday objects connected to the book, I couldn't get away from it. It's the absolute epitome of brilliant literary's beautiful and horrible and simple and profound...and lasting. It leaves a mark. I can't wait to hear what you think about it. It's definitely not romance though. :)

  2. Good luck with your goals by the way. ;-)

  3. Cami Tang did a post on query letters you might find helpful. Go to her site, Story Sensei, and she has a link to where the post is.


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