Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Colors on our Screen

This morning I logged in and found my blog so dark I couldn't read the words in my header. I was completely freaked out...and thought, Oh no! What happened to my beautiful blog!!! Then I IMed a friend and said, HELP! What's wrong....

Then I breathed for a minute and sat back...and noticed that everything on the screen seemed darker. So I fixed my monitor menu for brightness and wah-lah! I could see again!!! As a matter of fact, I made it a tad lighter than it had been before...and I like it.

So, here's the kicker. What does it look like on your computer screen? I've sat with an IM buddy discussing images online, colors and whatnot...and it's possible we're not even seeing the same thing. WEIRD, I tell you. So what do you see?

I see a pretty countryish blue-gray with pretty-in-pink borders.


  1. I think we're seeing close to the same thing.

    And, yeah, I just happened to be hopping through from another blog. Was "hi"!

  2. didn't we discuss colors the other day? I think we did. So you had a prob today that had nothing to do with what we discussed. Glad you figured it out. It looks as fab as I remembered it. ;) Of course, the header is to die for... but I am biased.

  3. Yes, you are...and I love it! it's exactly what I wanted.

    Hi Krista. :D


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