Friday, October 10, 2008

Fiction Friday -- Crushed

Found a word challenge on the Harlequin Forums. 1000 words.

5) The key scene in an "adolescence crush to adult"theme romance where the older hero sees the heroine as a woman for thefirst time and not as the little brat who used to follow him aroundyears ago.

This is what I have so far....

By the time Thadeus arrived home, rain poured from the sky. The pounding on the car roof matched the pounding of his headache. How in God's name he'd gotten strapped into taking care of little, blonde Katie Hansen was completely beyond his comprehension. But the message on his blackberry from his mother definitely confirmed his worst nightmare.

Katie Hansen was probably in his house right now, wreaking havoc on...something. He couldn't get out of his mind the way she'd pulled every one of his paintings from his portfolio—okay, it hadn't been a portfolio, but it had been a very important senior year art thesis for his advanced placement class.

Now he sounded like a prick.

She'd been eight, ten years his junior. She couldn't have known to check the kitchen table for water before laying them all out to admire.

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  1. I found your blog during the Bloghopping Challenge, I came from The Girls on Books site.

    Had to say, I like your story so far - it caught my attention. :) Keep the story going!

    I'm a newer blogger, avid reader/reviewer, wife and mommy (not to mention MBA qualified Business Consultant) - reading is my retreat! If you've got a book to suggest, pop by and let me know. I'd love some feedback.

    Take care - I'm off to enjoy browsing the rest of your blog, and then I'll find a link and follow it to . . . . . ?????? Check back on my blog in a day or so to see where I've been on my Bloghopping Challenge!

    :) Wendi


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