Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Night Goalposts

Just a quickie, cuz I'm feeling a little behind... ;)

Oh wow. I just went in search of my last was THREE weeks ago!
Last[three weeks ago] Goalpost:
1) Finish Chapter one revisions, again. No problem. -- I was in the midst of a layering revision, into chapter four when I was interrupted by the critiques, sooo I'm trying to remember exactly what it was I was layering in. Maybe I'll remember. -- No such luck. That's okay. If you've kept up over the last couple of weeks, you'd know that I'm through with crazy critiquing. Overwhelmed and not appreciating my own writing style, I almost ruined a fine sample of manuscript by over-changing it. If you're a writer, you've heard of what happens when you do one too many revisions...

2) Do a critique or two. -- I've done several in the past couple of weeks...and i'll continue doing them. They keep my skills sharp. ;-)

3) Finish reading The Road and Natural Born Charmer. -- Both DONE! and very satisfying. My review for Natural Born Charmer is over at

An exciting thing happened to me this week. I joined Passionate Critters. I had been desperately seeking a smaller critique group that I could invest my time in...and have others invest their time in me, and getting to know me. After this last critique fiasco, I knew I needed people who I could know on a more personal level than say...anonymous. I'm very hopeful about this group. I've been there only a day, but already I feel like one of the girls.

This week in GOALPOSTS:
1)Finish a few critiques and finish a beta read I started this past weekend--i'm really enjoying myself on this one!

2)Do final precrit revisions for chapter 3,4,5.... just keep working, basically.

3) Read Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief.
~I was so mad when I got to the doctor's office today and didn't have this book with me... A lost opportunity, for sure. :(


  1. Hi,

    Good luck with all your goals, they seem to be good ones.

    I'm a member of a critic group, but it sort died. The members drifted off.


  2. Well, we all think you fit with us at PC just great! :)

  3. I have a Halloween Treat for you on my Wednesday blog..just scroll down a bit!

    Happy day to you.

  4. Good luck with the goals - we're happy to have you at PC, too! :)

  5. Hey good luck with those goals! I also loved Natural Born Charmer, but then again I am a huge SEP fan.

  6. Well, since I guess I should post my goals huh? You started doing it so we could be accountable... I failed miserably.

    So don't feel too bad about the three week deal. Um I think I'm at months now...

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