Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This just in....

I voted this morning at 6:30 am. I didn't wait in line.
and I used a FELT TIP PEN!!!!!!

Is this normal? What happened to the punch outs or the electronic.
I mean, where do I live??!! I'm filling in holes on card-stock paper [save the trees!], BIG card-stock legal sized paper.

Well, bottom line is, I voted. :) Yay me!
Too bad I hate Starbucks coffee or I'd get a free one.


  1. We have felt tip pens in MI, too.
    Weird, eh?
    I wish I lived NEARER a starbucks, cause I would sure go for one!

    There was NO line at our poll. Where the heck do I LIVE??? Lovin' the country...

    ;) Katie

  2. That's what we have here, too. They've talked about going electronic, but the cost is huge. I also had no line. I walked in about 9:30 and was done finve minutes later. One thing that bothered both me and my sister in Rockford was that, despite concerns over voter fraud, neither of us was asked for ID.

  3. I voted too! I actually early voted on Halloween. there was a huge line... but i was only in line 15min. It moved pretty quick.

  4. I voted..I agree on the Starbucks...it's a nice gesture, but they could have at least let you get a diet coke in it's place lol :)


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