Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Conversation -- Three

Okay, this conversation could have happened anytime, not just this week, but it certainly isn't typical!

A week or so ago, our van lost all power to the gages[sp?]. No spedometer, no gas tank indicator, cold and hot...nothing. Matt had filled it with gas, about $20. So, I drive the kids to school and back...couple appointments, but nothing big.

Today, I call down to Matt in his workshop. "Hey Matt?! You think I can make it to the library and back in the van?"

"Sure, yeah, I think so," he replies.

I weigh my options, but I really want my coffee and driving his rice-burning, standard, pick-up with my thermos of coffee is a pain in the rear, so I take the van.

I get five blocks away, and it starts acting funny... slowing down, etc. A slight hiccup. I immediately turn into the Target parking lot, drive through and drive back down the road towards home. Three blocks from home, I can no longer accelerate, but I'm still moving [yay!]. I turn onto our street and I pray, "Let me get up the hill, so I can coast down the other side and into my driveway."

Nope. Didn't make the crest. The walk is nothing. I'm so close to our yard I can spit in it.

"Honey! I ran out of gas!!!"

LMAO He had to go get gas...and I never did make it to the library.


  1. There are definitely worse places to run out of gas!

  2. I share your pain - my mini-van has that same short in the dashboard. I've been lucky so far I haven't run out of gas - I pretty much motor around town and fill it up every friday (and my local gas guys laughs when I pull in and say "fill-er up" and I barely get 5 gallons. (Yeah, I'm a hermit!)

    Good luck. :)


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