Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Goals

Okay, I've been slacking for a couple of weeks, as is obvious from my blogging...
It's been a study of PROCRASTINATION. So, I decided to set a goal for myself for this week.

1) Submit chapter THIRTEEN for decimation. Ack. Actually, the chapters not THAT bad, I'm just afraid for the pacing...and losing my audience.

2) Finish the rewrite for THIRTEEN and submit it for a beta read

As a matter of fact, I may submit both for a quick beta read before I ask for crits. :P So...

1) Finish rewrite for THIRTEEN
2) submit THIRTEENS
3) decide what to do with THIRTEEN

Hopefully, this won't take all week.
Beyond that, it's back to editing and revising and submitting chapters.


  1. Post that lucky C13 already! (rah-rah, you can do it!)

  2. thanks. *blush* I haven't done anything yet. forgot about a review for tomorrow, did that instead...

    I think sometimes, writing is like jumping off the high dive. I stand there and contemplate it for a very long time. LOL

  3. Good Luck lovey! I am rootin' for ya!

  4. Great goals! Now go post your chapter!

  5. score one for procrastination!


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