Monday, February 2, 2009

Sean, Learning Letters

Sean looks for the letter B on the fridge. Notice, he says, 'Oh,' then looks in the leap frog magnet base, because he had left it there before I started taping, but I moved it. Sorry about all the background noise! I really, just don't hear it anymore. Hahahaha. Enjoy!


  1. Sean is way too cute!!! I want to push it just one more time.

  2. 1. I've got kids...I didn't hear any background noise. LOL.

    2. He is absolutely adorable!!!!

    3. How fun to hear your voice!

    You are a wonderfully patient mom! You and Sean rock!

    (Oh and I cried...I know, I'm a wuss)

  3. Big hugs, Debora. Thanks for crying. I do it, too...occasionally. LOL I'm glad you stopped in.

    You, too, Moira. :D Love ya!

  4. Ahhhh!! What a cutie-pie!! How sweet! My little one even thought it was cute.

  5. What a cute little man you have! And he's so smart!!! That squeal when he pressed the B was so cute!

  6. I love it!! Sean is too cute for words and seeing him get excited was great. I'd love to see more.

  7. He IS cute! The transition from a little frustration to excitement was wonderful...


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