Friday, March 20, 2009

Long Week

It's true. I remember thinking on Wednesday night, 'I can't believe it's only Wednesday night!' [long in a good way, not a bad way!!! :D Lovely long week when lots is accomplished]

I've got my coffee brewing.
And felt the need to get on here and update.
Hmm. So, what to talk about?

There's the tragic news of Natasha Richardson's death. So tragic. My first reaction when I hear stuff like that is anger. I can 't help it. It flares like...well, a flare from the deserted island where I'm stuck with just my lap top, a lifetime supply of insulin and my husband[yes, he's in the fantasy, too!]. Then comes the sadness, followed closely by the lingering thoughts of panic and determination. I mean, life is too short!!!

In more news, I caught wind of Lifetime's premiering of four more of Nora Robert's books as movies. This time, Northern Lights, Midnight Bayou, High Noon and Tribute. Congratulations to Nora. We're all hoping these four are better respresented. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the TV rendition... but there's that small part of me that is disappointed and left wanting more. OH! and an announcement for her next book...looks like fun...and made me think about the current trend in books. FEET! Lots of feet on the covers of books lately. Anyone else notice that? Is it a fetish? Who wants to guess what will be next? I'm going with ears...

Another week closer to Easter.
One more week to offer something up to the one who sacrificed His Son in order for us to have life eternal. So, I'm off for the day. Take care and have a great weekend.


  1. I hope you have a great weekend, too! Thanks for the post...

  2. Have a good weekend! I'll be interested to see how well Northern Lights is done!

  3. I'll say lips, big juicy, kissy lips. Just kidding. I'm sorry your week felt so long. I had the opposite thought this morning, it felt like this week whizzed on by.

  4. I agree with T. Anne - this week was a fast one for me too.

    That was horribly sad about Natasha Richardson, you're right, it does make you think how short life is.

  5. Have a great weekend! BTW, are you diabetic? I was curious since you mentioned insulin.

    and I predict....hmmm....legs. We'll start at the bottom and go up?

  6. I was so sad when I heard about Natasha Richardson. My first thought was on her boys and how young they were to lose her.

    I wasn't real happy with the NR tv versions. It'll be interesting to see how the next four go. I haven't read high Noon or Tribute yet.

    Have a great weekend!!


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