Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday Goals

I spent all day yesterday, critiquing. It was nice ot take a break from my own manuscript and enjoy some very AWESOME stories that my friends are writing. :D

This week will be more of the same.
1) continue pacing revisions
2) prepare for my parents to visit this coming weekend
...yes, this means clean the house! LOL
3) write two letters for two organizations who are giving away registration scholarships for the RWA National Conference. If I can get a scholarship, I'm going. My parents would give me a place to stay...and I could find babysitters for during the day. It would be a whirlwind but totally worth it!!!!!!!!
4) Enter a contest for a drawing for a chance to win free registration to the Conference....
LMAO. I know, I'm desperate. I can't help it. The entry is only like 10 dollars. The winning is way more than that!

That'll be my week.

Yesterday, my hubby came home and mentioned that Linda [a friend from work] gave him a book. I said, "Oh! Is it a romance?"
He replied, "In a way, yes--"
I questioned him with a disbelieving look.
He continued, "--if you love woodworking."


  1. LOL! Good luck on the conference! Hope you get to go! I plan on getting to your C5 this week!

  2. You are such a generous critter! I hope you get work done on your WIP and good luck on the conference!

  3. LOL! Winning is always priceless!

  4. Good luck with the contests - I was planning to go to conference - now I'm not so sure spending that much money is going to be in the budget. waaaa.

  5. Have fun at the conference, and good luck with the contest.



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