Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deli Trays

I need one for Sunday.
I called Walmart. The price was reasonable....the help wasn't.
What do you do when you're talking to an employee on the phone and they keep hacking in your ear? A real thick, smokers, phlegmy cough, which they obviously aren't covering their mouth for...and worse! What if they did cover their mouth...with their hand!!!!!

I called Kroger, thinking, There's no way I can order from THAT deli. The trays at Kroger are TEN dollars more expensive!!!!! I'm on the hunt, now...for a local delicatessen. Hopefully, I'll find one that's reasonable priced...otherwise? I'm buying deli meat and making my own tray.

It was gross. *shiver*


  1. Ugh.

    Making it yourself isn't so bad. I've done it a few times. :)

  2. *hack**cough* Excuse me while I wash my hands. LOL. I'd make it myself and save lots. I've done it before and the people raved, asking where they could buy one. You can buy the big plastic trays with the cover...we bought it from the Sams's Club deli;)


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