Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Goals

it's what I'm using right now. Google Chrome. It has pluses and minuses. Plus one, my computer isn't running like crazy. Chrome runs low key. It doesn't have the same add-on smorgasbord that IE does. What this means is[minus one], I can't access youtube or any of my chat/IM devices in this window. I was going to get rid of IE--cause what a pain it can be--but, I need my add-ons. :D
This will be another busy week. Outside of work, the family is going to Michigan for Easter and Little Matt is making his first communion. The garden is getting started. The big clothing switch has to happen. Matt has year end tax work for his company to do and I would LOVE to get this ms completely revised and ready to go. :P Right. No problem.

Sorry to be so boring today.
Have a blessed Holy Week.
PS Just found this. It proves I'm not boring after all. :D


  1. Wow what a busy week! Have fun on your trip!

  2. Hilarious! Have a great trip! (BTW, the verification word is saint!) HA!

  3. Hey Betty, I have finally managed to visit your blog and boy am I glad! 4 kids huh? You're a saint :-) Anyway, as far as Chrome goes, i guess I haven't gotten used to it yet but I am not completely convinced about using it. i have it but I suppose I am not very good at changes.

  4. My oldest made his first communion last year. He was actually the only kid in our church, so he kinda let the attention go to his head. It was actually quite funny. :P Hope all goes well with for your little guy. :)

  5. Have a fun but safe trip! Sounds like you have your hands full this week! I had to pull out and exchange our summer and winter clothes before we left. Ugh. Have a beautiful week, my friend! Hugs!


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