Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Drink Alot

I start my day with a glass of water, then a glass of juice with breakfast.
I continue on with about 2 cups of coffee [on a good day].
Lunch time finds me downing something fun: lemonade, ice tea, diet coke...whatever I can find.
Through the afternoon I'll probably have another glass of water at some point followed by that fun drink...or, if I'm feeling feisty, more coffee.
Late in the afternoon, maybe I'll find something adult: a beer or a glass of wine.
With dinner I drink milk, usually.
Then, depending on the day--sometimes on a weekend--we'll share a few more of the adult beverages. Otherwise, it's back to another glass of water or perhaps one of those fun drinks.

What about you? What's your vice of beverage? Are you a Diet Coke drinker? A coffee addict?


  1. I am definitely a coffee addict, I do drink way too much of it. And almost no water whatsoever, I can't stand plain water. If I have to drink water it's seltzer only.
    As far as sodas go, no diet for me, the sweeteners do not agree with my stomach and make me nauseous (that goes with anything diet, not only sodas). But aski me if I want coffee, I'll agree immediately (I drink it bitter with cream).

  2. I'm a tea totler (sp) now, but I drink a ton and value my proximity to indoor plumbing. (heard Whoopi say that once)

  3. LOL to the title of this post! I like a glass of OJ in the morning, and milk with dinner, but otherwise during the day I tend to stick with water - except during the winter I was also drinking a lot of tea to stay warm.

    I used to be a huge coffee addict, but it doesn't do it for me anymore. Now Starbuck lattes on the other hand... yeah, if I could afford it, I'd be there at least once a day:)

  4. I drink alcohol pretty sparsely, and never coffee. Soda once in a while. My favorite soda is Ginger Ale. It rocks! Sometimes I even mix it with vodka when I'm out (yeah I'm weird).


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