Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Chapters Left

So, I'll share my excitement with a little hair band. I love music, and the seventies and eighties. Okay, the sixties weren't too bad and really, neither were the fifties... but mostly classic. You can't go wrong. :) Sorry I've been so absent lately. I'm working through the end of this manuscript and researching places to live. Thanks for stopping by. Love. Bethanne.


  1. my 15 year old son LOVES this song, loves Journey altogether! He plays this on his own electric guitar and I can't help but sing along. Thanks for putting that great tune in my head this morning :)

  2. Hey Bethanne... have to admit I love this song, too... but I had NO idea he looked like that. I'm currently trying to refile that song in my brain. =) Thanks for a bit of education. hah.

  3. I love this song too! It was just a big part of Fox's new show "Glee" and it was so great!!!

    Good luck on finishing those last two chapters!

  4. Any luck on researching the potential future home? Hope all is well and way excited to see you are nearing the end of edits...or reworks...or crits... what are we on now again? LOL

    Love ya Irish!


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