Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week Two--JUNE 1--relocation, again

My head his swimming. Matt and I spent last week revising and updating his resume and cover letter [though, he'll redo the cover letter with each company if need be]. We're both anxious--Matt because he wants to find a job he likes isn't sure it's what he's been doing for ten years--Me, because the research that goes into relocating is overwhelming, to say the least. Schools, doctors, ocularists, blind services, real estate, topography [yes, we research topography]. What am I missing? I always think of stuff after the fact. Let's not forget the question, what does God want us to do? [seriously pulling my hair on that one] Does God micromanage? *sigh* Being part of God's will is important to us... so I've been on line searching for the burning bush and a deep, manly voice to tell us what to do next--I've got nothing. ;-)

Anyone near Cedar Rapids, IA?
How about Boise, ID?
*tap tap tap*
anyone out there????
Hello? God? Are you there? It's me, Marg...Bethanne.
Maybe He's in Bountiful, UT...


  1. Gosh a move is always stressful and exciting. I pray for guidance for you

  2. All you can do is what you are doing, and then let go and let go. If it is he's will one of the jobs that you hubby applied for will come through.

    And stop stressing, it can't be good for you or the kids.


  3. You'll have me if you come to Oklahoma City... ;)

    I've never believed that God micromanages our're definitely using the resources available. I have faith that you guys are doing the very best you can for your family. It'll work out. I know that doesn't take stress out of the equation...but we're here for you to vent:)

  4. Sigh! Yes stress but you're doing a great job, a great information gatherer at work! Keep up the good work and praying for that door/window to open soon!

  5. Relocating is stressful - good luck finding the right job and the right place to live! In the meantime try to focus on what you can control, and not to worry too much about the rest!

  6. Ooh gorgeous pic. Good luck!!

  7. I want to say Long Island, NY because then you'd be close to me but it's probably the worst place to move to right now, very expensive and career opportunities are almost nil. People are moving out of here instead :(


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