Tuesday, July 28, 2009

As July becomes August

Wow, summer always flies by, doesn't it?

Our trip to Florida was very sad, bittersweet at best. Matt's dad will be missed for a long time to come, especially by his beloved and his children. I dreamed of him last night, an odd thing where I could see his ghost and he was talking to John [my brother-in-law]. On our trip, Matt and I had a notebook where we marked every dollar we spent. Matt wanted to keep track of how much money it cost to do this trip. A curiosity thing and an effort to see how much gas we used and how well we used it. Well, in my dream, I was under some kind of financial suspicion and people kept asking me, "Can you account for the money you've spent for the last six months?"

And even in my dream I thought, "Damn it, I've only got a week!" LOL


We took the family to Georgia for some R&R on the way home. It was well-worth the extra miles. I think so, anyway. We were able to shed some of the sadness for a while and focus on the kids. I told my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Billy, "This is the most fun the kids have ever had, ever." They didn't believe me. It's true, though. They will always remember this trip... and the way I yahooed as the boat pulled me around the lake on an inner tube or the way Thomas didn't get fishing until one took the bait on his pole. He yelped and dropped the pole in his surprise, then, he wouldn't even hold the fish for a picture. Little stinker. New experiences for everyone, and a great time had by all.

What about you?
What is something fun you've done for summer this year?
Stop in and let me know.


  1. We're going to get ice cream tonight for fun. Does that count?

    What part of GA did you stop in? Should have come through AL so we could have met

  2. Summer sure does go fast! I am headed to Boston myself- first time ever in just 20 days! Am very excited! Hope all is well.

    Rowan Rose

  3. Summer is zooming by for me and I'm kinda not ready for it to be over because I'm due on September and I'm still not ready. My bag's not even packed. They say you're more relaxed with your second and I guess it's true. With my first I think my bag was packed the day I got the news from the doctor that we were expecting lol. Alright J/K.

    But anyway your trip sounded awesome. I've never been fishing or camping because my parents are indoor people (which they are in denial about). *Shakes head*


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