Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Copy Jobs

Have I mentioned I live in a cornfield?
It's a largely populated cornfield of about 80K people, but it's still a cornfield...
and here's how I can tell.

There are no copy and office supply stores, but one. Staples.
STAPLES, which, by the way, is the more expensive one.
There used to be an Office Depot, but apparently that one closed, when I thought they were just remodelling. Nope.

Bugger! The Office Depot was right down the road from Dairy Queen, too. I was going to set up a date with my good friend Nikki and go celebrate the printing of my novel with something yummy and cold. Now I have to go up to Staples instead and the only thing up there is Lowe's... well, that's an exaggeration. There's lots of stuff up there, too. LOL I'm just whining.

Sorry I've been so absent.
Hopefully life will calm down a bit soon.
Have a great week.

PS Nikki, if you read this, email me and we'll make a date. It's time for a mom's night out, don't you think?

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  1. Oh, I actually printed my MS out at Staples, although we do have Office Depot around here. For some reason I thought Staples was pretty cheap, and it is closest to my house. Anyway, have fun with the printing!


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