Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Sell Wish List [otherwise known as MOTIVATION]

My husband woke up next to me this morning and said, "I can't wait until you sell your first book and we can buy a couple of $6 pillows." hehe. Gosh, he cracks me up. But he got me thinking. Besides the story, what keeps me going?

Right now, there are only two things I think about when I consider the big pay off.

1. Panties and Bras--It's true. I hate my Hanes. It's comfortable, economic and sometimes cute. But I want my underwear to be colorful and matching. When I have a few dollars, I'm going straight to Victoria's Secret [or Khol's *winkwink*] and buying at least a hundered dollars worth of underwear.

2. A laptop--You might think this would be first on my list, but it's not. I have a nice desktop with mostly free access throughout the day and into the, something more would be nice, but not imperative. ;) If not the laptop than updated versions of Word.

3. Those gosh darn pillows!

That's it!
Do you have a list? Wish lists for your birthday or Christmas or an anniversary?
What's on it?


  1. Oh my wish list is simple. My to sell enough books (I haven't sold the first one yet) to pay off bills and pay for my daughter's education.


  2. Victoria's Secret underwear isn't that great. They don't last. :(

    I want a laptop, too. Or that new Netbook from Verizon sounds interesting.

    And a stainless steel refigerator with the freezer on the bottom and temperature controlled water in the door! (I aim BIG) LOL!


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