Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Me

I've never considered myself an artist type, though I've dabbled in bits of art my entire life. Some drawing here, painting there, crochet and poetry, novel writing, second grade crafting, cooking.... you get the idea. I've done a little of everything but never excelled at anything. [knock on wood]

I was surprised when I made breakfast this morning.
I took the cooking oil and baking powder out of the cabinet. I retrieved the flour and sugar before pulling a small bowl down to make pancakes. I make pancakes regularly. You could even argue they are my specialty.

Adding sugar and baking powder to the flour, followed by the milk and a handful of instant oatmeal, I poured the small batch of pancakes onto the griddle. A couple of minutes later, I flipped them...and suddenly came into my right mind.

I did not add an egg. I did not add the cooking oil or any salt.
I have no idea what I was thinking about...the coming move? My next big murder? Espionage?

I have the brain of an artist. It gets sidetracked.

PS The pancakes were still good.
Have a great Wednesday.


  1. LOL, on the pancakes. I had a similar problem this past weekend - I made banana bread and totally forgot to put the sugar in - and no, it really did not taste all that good w/out the sugar;P

  2. LOL!!! Great story! I think we all have things we can do with our eyes shit...but sometimes we just get sidetracked!

  3. You must have been thinking too hard about something, maybe a new story idea?

    I'm glad the pancakes tasted alright.



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