Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Day of Summer

School starts tomorrow and that puts me in mind of all the things I can do while the kids are not the focus of my life... or, while they aren't around, anyway. :)

Plotting a new story is at the head of my list. I spent one day plotting my last story... and that was more plotting than I'd ever done before. Part of me thinks the story is still on the weak side, that I spent alot of time reworking it. The bad side of this story is that I'm actually nervous to get started on my new maunscript. I'm doing character profiles and plotting points throughout the story. Ideas are coming to me and i'm revising things. Am I too nervous? Maybe... It's a hurdle. I'll manage.

Speaking of summer. I've been shoving the kids outside, as they dig their heels in and beg to be able to stay inside, play Wii or whatever almost every weekend for the past month, until this weekend. All of a sudden, they are outside, playing, doing things... and I don't see them for hours at a time. What? Now? Now you're going to disappear and play? Go figure.

August is over.
It's hard to believe.
Take care everyone and enjoy the cooler weather if you're blessed with it.
I know I am!


  1. School starts on Wednesday here. I've been pushing the teen to go to bed earlier and find reasons to get him up in the morning so he can be ready...guess I need to put my foot down this week. He's ok about getting up, he's just a grouch if he hasn't had enough sleep. I hate it because he's a nightowl like me. Good luck today with school!!

  2. Schools started last monday for my teenage daughter. She's in her senior year of HS.



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