Friday, September 18, 2009

Do I reCopy?

That's what I've been asking myself for the past week.
Do I take my revisioned final to the copier and spend another $25 to get the hard copy?
I think I should, because it's very hard to read nonactively while in a word program.
All of a sudden I'm seeing details, when I WANT the whole picture.


What do you do? Have many hard copies do you make before you're able to put your manuscript aside as completed?

Me? Two, if this ms is any indication.


  1. Hey-where do you go to make your copies around here? I want to make some copies of the kids art work...someday...


  2. Of a finished ms? Well I am a print copy whore. I print out my ms at different intervals depending on my issues, but then again, I can never seem to get my internal editor to keep her mouth shut without doing so.

    Know that didn't help but I would think that with a finished MS two copies at most would be best.


  3. Don't you have one of those scanner priner things?

    I have an HP pro jet all-in-one, and that thing does everything but make coffee.



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