Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How do you talk to your Kids?

I'm pretty bad at this. Just ask my family, I'm known for my inability to communicate. They'll all vouch for me on this one. Haha. Needless to say, I want to be able to share stuff with my kids, especially my daughter. It really is a harsh world out there, and I want her to be able to tell me what's bothering her, which somedays seems like an inordinately large amount of stuff.

Well, I found something to help.


When I can't seem to get my message [of love, of frustration, of joy, or whatever] through, I can write it down. We're both good at that. She's always leaving me notes...

A normal mom would listen instead of staring at the STUPID computer!

That's a true story... Oops. I'm not perfect, but she does know I love her, most of the time. And that's the most important message of all. So, I've committed to at least one email a week, just to say I love you.

What do you do for your kids? I want to know!
With Love,


  1. My daughter's only she still tells me every minute detail of her little life :) I am not looking forward to the day she stops...I;m hoping for an open relationship with her....hopefully she will trust me to tell me everything even when she's 16. But I think email is a great idea...sometimes it's easier to say things that way instead of out loud.

  2. Just remember that every kid is different. Some won't tell you anything.. because they are introverts, not b/c their mom doesn't communicate well!

    Well, obviously, you didn't get as much communication practice as a kid.. I was always talking over or before you! (I am sorry!)

    I like the email idea. I also find that talking on the phone to my kids is fun. I sometimes call them when I am out and dad is home.

    Love you, Bethanne!!


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