Friday, December 18, 2009


So, here's the thing. I have this good friend who struggles with her identity as a writer. :( Not fun for her. I feel her uncertainty on a personal level. Maybe not every writer faces this, but some do, and I remember a time when I sat on the seesaw, too. It's hard! Finding a voice, creating a platform [i'm still not sure I have one of those, yet], defining a style that reflects the voice...

I have a theory, though. One that compares the writing journey of today to that of yesterday. See, I belong to a few writing groups. It's nice to have support and I think compared to yesterday? Writers are in a good place for networking... for sharing and helping each other.

There is another hand to this...

Too many cooks in the kitchen, maybe? Writing has always been a lone sport. With the exception of a collaboration, we write by ourselves. I speculate that the over abundance of input can hinder the creative processes. I think the awareness of market trends will inhibit our ability to take the less travelled roads. A scale would be good so that with each tidbit of information we glean we can also add a grain of salt...or even more if the scale indicates a necessity.

I'm serious. It's time to close the doors and write.
Love you writer friend.
Guard your writing.
Guard your heart.

With love,


  1. Very well said!!! The key is to just write...get the story down...worry about everything else later! It only gets easier!

  2. I agree with you. I think sometimes too much input from too many other sources can be bad. I really don't think there should be any hard rules we HAVE follow. Most of the time these “rules” make writers so paranoid, they can’t write anything for fear of making too many mistakes. I say just write it and let it all work its self out in the end.


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