Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas--officially over

I celebrated Little Christmas, The Epiphany... the twelfth day, whatever you want to call it on Sunday. I knew with school back in session, it would be better to have my tree down over the weekend, so Saturday morning while the kids sat around playing games, I meticulously undressed the tree[okay, I pulled stuff off and put it in plastic Walmart bags according to fragility]. I leave the ribbons on as a sacrifice... for the coming year and our next Christmas tree. May it have a straight trunk.

I was looking forward to that empty space because I wanted to pull out the card table and do a jigsaw puzzle. My hubby and I have a collection of framed puzzles that we've done over the years. We haven't completed one in at least two years. So, that will be a GREAT winter activity! Alas, guess what finally came out of the living room this morning?

The Christmas Tree!

Haha. Oh well. It's out now.... I vacuumed and have my card table all ready to go. I'll start tonight while I watch a new episode of Castle.

Speaking of Castle. I got his book for christmas!!! My cousin must have done some chatting with my sister. I think it's my favorite present of all. I love the show!!! [and as a tribute to Monday Reviews...] The book is alright. I would love to know who actually wrote it. Richard Castle aka Nathan Fillion from the ABC show is obviously not the writer...or, maybe he is? It's a fun idea, having a book written by a TV character that is actually sold in bookstores. When it came out in November [or October, can't remember], I was pretty psyched about it. So, THANK YOU Rob Elmen!!! You're the best cousin gift figure outer of all!
Great week to everyone,
With love,

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  1. We didn't have our tree up that long this year because of the move, but I was sooooo glad to get it out of here. Have fun with the puzzle! Kris and I love doing them and haven't in awhile now.


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