Monday, January 25, 2010

Heroes -- The Series

The Bad Boy Hero

I can't do this post without featuring James Dean.

The original bad boy hero.

The idea behind behind the bad boy is that there's a kernal of good. Right?

Somehow the combination of that smidgen of good is just enough to force the bad boy into the Knight in Shining Armor.

My theory, though is that the bad boy is more misunderstood than really bad. I mean, come on. Is your heroine going to fall in love with a coldhearted killer? A deadbeat, wino, drugdealer? No.

The thing about that heroine that makes her special is her understanding of the hero. He doesn't trust it at first because there's been no one else, but of course, in the length of the novel, the Bad Boy Hero finally finds contentment and peace...and love. :D Yay love!

My all time favorite Bad Boy?

Ren McCormack. He's defiant. He's goodlooking. He can dance... :D

For what it's worth, the bad boy can be combined with any of the other hero types we in our list. The bad boy might be a beta or an alpha, tortured or a tycoon....

Because of characters played by James Dean, the bad boy has earned his own label.

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  1. I too, think of James Dean when it comes to the 'bad boy'. And isn't it ironic we just watched Footloose.

    We subject our children to many 80's-90's movies. Just last night we watched Outland with Sean Connery.

    I love me a bad boy. Then I married him. ;)

  2. Yes, misunderstood! Definitely. I wouldn't want a heroine to fall for a drunk whoring Casanova! Even Johnny Depp couldn't make me like the Libertine. Maybe tarnished armor is more appropriate lol

  3. Oh Bad Boys are by far my fav. My sister will attest to that. I'm not quite sure what the attraction is...oh wait yes I do! It is the forbidden factor, the my dad will cringe factor, the thrill of dating the 'bad boy' that does it for me.

    Oh and JD always tops my list of bad boys. I think he was my boyfriend in a past life.


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