Friday, January 29, 2010

Heroes -- The Series

The Tycoon
Yes, the tall, dark, handsome and RICH.

The reason I find this character so complicated is because I really don't want to like him. I know that sounds odd, but to me rich has often meant snobbish, aloof, self-centered. Perhaps that's what makes a good Tycoon hero so intriguing. The heroine has dug past the stereotypes to find something more. The more important aspect of the Tycoon is his jaded outlook on life. He's got everything money can buy...

Why can't he find someone to love him for himself?
My favorite scenario is the Tycoon in disguise. Believe me, the woman who resents all things rich and wealthy is the woman who finally falls in love with the Tycoon. And when she finds out he is rich, she dumps him like a sack of hot potatoes... which of course, proves to him he is right to be jaded. Love doesn't exist.


Great story line there. I can't help but picture Cary Grant as a Tycoon.

On Monday check out Penny's blog for the next installment, The Protector.


  1. Sigh...I love Cary Grant. Too bad he was before our time!

  2. I love Cary Grant. He is one of the most beloved of the old time movie stars, but he had a very humble beginning. It's hard to believe but Grant was dirt poor.



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