Monday, March 1, 2010


First of all, I like the male gender. As a kid, I always wanted a brother. Adolescence and a laidback personality made me an easy friend of the female counterpart. I dated some as a young adult, and now I'm married to a man. Yup. That's me. A regular man lover.

So, why is it so hard for me to chat about boys with my daughter?


...I'm sorry, did you expect me to say more?
If you could just leave your answers and clever fixes to my problem in the comment section, I'd really appreciate it. I'm off to the library to find a book...

With love and many thanks,


  1. Hi Bethanne!
    Talking to daughters about boys is difficult. (I have two daughters, 18 and 12.) Maybe it's the nurse in me, but I just come out and say what I need to say regardless of whether it makes me or them feel uncomfortable. Then it's out there. I've said it. They've heard it. When my oldest goes out I make it a joke, "Bye, honey. Remember, no drinking, no drugs, no sex. Have fun!" I'm very serious about it when necessary. Getting a book is a great way to learn age appropriate discussions. I still remember my mother using a picture book involving cartoon bumble bees to teach my sister and I about sex!....Good luck!

  2. Hi Bethanne-
    Im Wendy's sister and an occasional blog follower. I just wanted to share my memory of my mom's "sex" talk with Wendy and myself. Wendy and I are very close in age and thus went through life's milestones together. One thing we've realized over the years is how different our memories are of the same event. I remember my mother reading us a picture book with dogs mating in it when we were about 5-6 years old. My mom told us the dogs were "making love" and Wendy being very outspoken said "no they're not, they're fucking." She may not remember this, but that's my memory of the "talk." It's quite amazing what kids pick up on at such young ages. I think my mom was shocked. Wendy never was one to mince words. Good luck!

  3. Oh boy! That's hilarious. Memorable doesn't describe it. Now you will have to ask your mother what SHE remembers!

    I have three sisters, so I often wonder why my mom felt like she had to have The Talk in the car while we were driving around. Who knows. But I think she wanted to be alone and breakfast at Denny's was out of the question, for sure!

    I know with my youngest sister who came much later than the older three of us she changed things up a bit.

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad it was your site I linked to from Wendy's. :D

  4. Hi Bethanne!
    Three things.
    1)My sister is absolutely correct in her memory.
    2)I can't believe she told you (and everyone who reads your blog!)
    3)Mothers have serious talks with their daughters while driving in the car because they're a captive audience!!! (I do it myself!)

  5. Because it's hard to talk about emotional things! And girls are emotional by nature. My son is emailing with this girl (they're 11) and I'm like, "Who's she?"

    And he's like, "This girl."

    And I'm like, totally casual, "Is she nice?"


    And that's about it. It's like pulling teeth. And he's only 11!

    So, um, good luck? Yeah, good luck!

  6. I left you a gift on my blog!
    Joyce's blog.

  7. Bethanne,

    I have an eighteen year old daughter. I didn't tell her all at once. You don't have to either. Do it a little at a time.

    Like when a movies on and the couple are getting into bed together ask her what she thinks. Tell her how you feel about casual sex and using protection.

    Car driving and the sex talk isn't just to have a captive audience. Its so you don't have to look her in the eye while your talking.



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