Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finishing up my Revision

There's been some discussion about the process of revising a story. Storyline edits, copyedits. Where do you start?

Mine sorta flow altogether at once.

I have a wonderful critique group. Passionate Critters put revision recommendations together for me, and I systematically go through them and apply which ones I think will best enhance my story. Sometimes that means changing a line or a word. Other times, that will mean scrapping or adding an entire section.

My current manuscript is the first in which I didn't finish the ms before I started subbing it for critique. I'm glad I didn't, though. I love that my last two chapters are waiting there for me. Just this week, I finished revising the last chapters I have written. Now, with so many revisions applied, my vision of the story is so CLEAR!

In other news....

It's SPRING!!! Hallelujah!
Enjoy the warming weather, my friends.
With Love,


  1. Today was beautiful here, too. I find it hard to sit inside at the computer when I could be walking outside. It will pass....

  2. Revising and editing are a necessary evil.


  3. I actually enjoy revising more than the actual writing. It's more work, but I can see what the book should be. I can make it better.

    Happy spring!


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