Monday, March 8, 2010


Shhh, don't say anything, but I'm going to home school next year. [i don't want to jinx myself...not that I believe in that]

My hubby and I watch PBS alot. One, because it's one of the very few stations we get, and two, because it has cool programming. We saw this feature documentary on a family who sailed all around the world. They weren't extra rich. They didn't go by yacht. They happened to meet on an island in the carribean, found a boat they could afford and took off.

They taught their children. They travelled the world and saw things most people don't see in a lifetime... and when the kids were getting into middle school and high school, they finally took a break and a few years on land so the kids could see what the other side was like....

Maybe it's crazy, but that's how I think of homeschooling. FREEDOM! It's taken a while to come to this realization. [and yeah, i'm not about to take off in my rowboat but] I think the mentality is the same. Will you look at your life and see a glass half empty? Will you always see how things CAN'T work? My husband and I have made some crazy changes this year in order to bend our mentality to what is actually possible. So, i'll be homeschooling and he'll be in Army. Strange happenings, eh?

Now, fieldtrips on a history lesson can actually INCLUDE the Alamo! or, The Pentagon. The battlefields of Virginia. there a museum in California about the gold rush? That would be cool. Anyhooooo. I'm totally getting away from myself. We'll do Math and Reading, too. I swear it. :D


  1. I've homeschooled for eleven years. You will survive.

  2. More power to you homeschoolers! For me however, homeschooling would likely lead to child abuse or complete mental collapse. Neither is appealing!

    Good luck!

  3. That's what my hubby is worried about. hahaha!

  4. Wow! Good luck to you! I have never had the inkling to try.... I kinda lean toward Wendy's POV! LOL! I love my kids like crazy, but we need time apart! And if they were here all day...I would not have time to write!

  5. BA, I am so excited for you.. I know it will be an adjustment, but, I think you will end up loving it.. especially the flexibility in learning, and lots more time doing 'fun' stuff with your kids. Just remember to reach out for help when you need it.. like.. maybe a weekly sitter to come in and let you out??!!

    You will be a rockin' home school teacher :)


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