Friday, April 2, 2010


What are they good for? [I'm actually hearing a song in my head right now. Any guesses as to which one? :D]

Well, I've judged a few contests lately, and I'm BEAT!!! They can take a lot out of you.

But they are worth it. The opportunity to win a contest and add that to a resume is a bonus--no doubt.

The feedback--hopefully--is helpful. It's not always going to be, but most of the time... yes. It can be helpful. How? First, it guides. Is your story headed in the right direction. ARe you keeping the reader's attention. Second, it edits. Do you have more than the story to worry about? Should a writing class be on your agenda or will you do?

Judging keeps me on my toes...and it also helps me keep in mind that I'm just one opinion. That happens often because the entries I judge to be top-notch have never seen the finalist lists. NEVER. And I think just once, an entry I judged as needing LOTS of work, ended up finaling. What can you do? It's pretty subjective.

But that's the way the industry works. There is no such thing as an objective opinion.
Take it easy over the holiday!!
Happy Easter!
With Love from Christ,


  1. Hi Bethanne!
    I agree, contests are very subjective. I didn't final in the Golden Heart, and yet I now have an agent and a publisher interested in the manuscript I entered. I agree that contest wins are good for the new writer's resume, but they can also lead new writers to get discouraged. The most important thing is to love what you do and never give up.


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