Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something Catchy

Well, now that it's time to submit my novella around to the epublishing quarter, I think it's also time to interwine my writing names. Do you wanna hear a long story? No. Probably not. So, long story short, when I first started writing, I chose a pen name. It's fun and being a fifteen year old and demanding that you are going to change your name as soon as you're old enough. I picked a name then and ran with it for about a year. At that point, I said to myself, "Why? Are you hiding?" And perhaps I was. Romance is poo-pooed in alot of circles. My stories carry an element of passion that could possibly shock some of the people I know. [I really don't know how, since I have four kids of my own and am totally in love with the man I married 11 years ago, but there you go.]

I didn't want to hide, though. So I broke off my relationship with that name and fixed myself a webpage and blog featuring ME!

It's been a few years, and now I'm considering that name thing again. Why? Because Bethanne Strasser is a mouthful. I'm a REAL CATCH. Don't get me wrong! But I want something that is easy to remember, easy to pronounce [it's strawser, not str-ass-er], and catchy. That's when I came up with Penny Dune. It's nothing like my name. I have been called Betty most of my life by my family, so I could go Betty Dune... *scratching head* Eh. Doesn't ring the same, does it?

I know my hubby is reading this and thinking, "yup. certifiable." Haha. Either way, I'm going to mess with my header and give people a taste of Penny here and on my webpage. It's a conundrum that I'll need to be making money to fix: webpage designs, domains... Ugh. Can't have someone looking for Penny Dune and not find Penny Dune, right? :D


  1. I've considered a pen name too since my last name is rather long! I like Penny Dune. But I like your real name too.

    I have to add that I love your "About Me" statement. Mother of four smarty pants! (Hey, I'm a mom of four motor-mouths). I'm a night-writer too.

  2. I really do like Penny Dune. (not that I don't like your real name, I do...) but I get the whole "pen-name" thang.

    The trick is to remember who you are when you're signing those big royalty checks!

  3. Hey! I like Penny Dune, too. :P

  4. My sister did make a good point, though. She was considering how many author's names we aren't pronouncing correctly as a whole, anyway. Which is true...there could be lots. :)

  5. Oh honey that is nothing. I grew up as Janice Marie Seagraves. And I would use my married name but there is already someone using it. No relation. So I'm going by Janice Seagraves. Its a mouthful but memorable.


  6. Renaming yourself? How fun! What about Betty Strass? Just wanted to add another option for you to ponder. :)

  7. ha! That's good! Glad you stopped by Susan. :)


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