Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting a tiny bit Political

Because I couldn't believe the article on MSNBC about the kids who got kicked out of school for wearing shirts with the USA flag on it. Talk about strange.

The whole incident came up because of the Mexican-American holiday...

First of all, Cinco de Mayo isn't a Mexican holiday. Right? Maybe as hispanics, Mexican like to remember the day? I don't know, I'd have to ask my brother-in-law who is Mexican [and legal, btw ;-)]. Anyhoo...

The biggest question is... let's say a group of United States citizens goes to Mexico, they could even live there, go to school there. Whatever. What if, on the Fourth of July, their friends wore that shirt with the Mexican flag on it. They wear it off and on throughout the summer, but OMG, how dare they wear that shirt on our holiday?! That's it, throw down time.... right? Jiminy, Mexico would...well, hell, they'd probably throw you in jail and laugh about it all the way home. You do not want to be thrown in jail down there! You've seen the movies, haven't you??? :D

I just don't understand why citizens of this country have more pride in a country they may [or may not] have ever lived in. Why would school administrations have to worry about fights breaking out over kids wearing clothes with the American flag on it? Why are the Mexicans in that town and at that school offended by someone's clothing? Don't we live in a free country? Aren't they HERE because they wanted to live the American Dream? Have freedom?

I don't get it. Why is the United States the only country in the WORLD who cares about feelings and political correctness? Doesn't everyone in this country--excluding the Native Indians--have ancestry from another continent? another country?

Hi, my name is Bethanne and I'm Irish Scottish German English American....
Oh, and i'm really offended when people wear the American Flag on St. Patrick's Day. {insert sarcastic tone} *eyeroll*

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