Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who do you Ask?

I've got a nice following on my blog now.
And so I have to ask of all my writing friends, "Who do you find to beta read for you?"

I've struggled with this in the past. I have an AWESOME critique group and I'll get a good beta read from at least one of those gals--maybe even more. But deep down, I'm also interested in getting a random perspective.

This time, I asked a girlfriend who dropped off my radar except for the occasional blog visit. I'm considering sending an inquiry out over the RWA PRO yahooloops...but I need nerves of freaking steel to do that. What if I've pissed someone off? I hope I haven't, but not everyone likes me. *gasp* I know! Can you believe it?! :D I have the same issue posting on the writing boards. Besides the fact that mostly, I lurk--which, btw is an entirely different topic altogether--I really don't want to step on toes.

Hence, the need for nerves of steel!!
Asking for a beta reader is a BIG DEAL, because it's time consuming. And most forums won't even let you ask for one unless you have a certain amount of posts or involvement.

In case you're curious. The manuscript is a novella length [28K] romantic suspense, with some[a few] heated moments between a married couple, called Dark Summer. :D

Have a great week everyone.
With Love,


  1. For me, I like to have a relationship with someone before I ask them to read my work. This helps me feel more comfortable sharing and helps me realize that any slashing they do will be done out of love.

    My best advice: Hang out where writers hang out and start fostering some relationships. Your betas will come from that pool.

  2. Thanks Elana!
    There's definitely a delicate balance on the raft in the writing pool--I've been rocked and swamped at times in the past. I spent too long on that raft and now like puddle jumping instead. :D

    It is definitely nice knowing the people who read your stuff.

  3. I've asked: friends who aren't writers, but who kept asking about my writing; people I knew from online writing forums/livejournal; formal crit groups or workshops.

    For my first book, I just posted a request for betas on my blog and got offers from a dozen people, some of whom had never commented before.


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