Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm going to try to be good [about blogging *wink*], but this is going to be a crazy month.

Summer = kids, travel, offline/real life activities...
When I am on the computer, I'm going to be making up for lost time on my manuscripts.

That's the idea anyway.
:D Enjoy the warm months.

With Love,


  1. Good luck in all the madness!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. Kids are home, but I don't have to shuttle to and from school. But that means the kids are HOME. ;)

  3. LOL! I'm with Chelle. I have a love-hate relationship with summer too. But I am determined to make it work this year.

  4. Yup - summer hits hard when you have kids, doesn't it? I'm with you, I need to work on my writing more too. :)

  5. yup, we're busy too. My book came out on Thursday(June 3rd), the same day my daughter left for her senior trip. They went to Disneyland.

    Then yesterday we had to shop for my daughter's graduation dress which will be cover-up by her graduation gown. Why all the fuss for a dress that no one will see? Because there is a sober grad party later that same evening, and she will be seen in it.

    And graduation is next week, on Wednesday. Ugh! Too many things happening all at once!


  6. Hi Bethanne!
    Just stopping by to say HI! Enjoy the summer!

  7. We must share the same boat Bethanne. My blog posts are getting shorter and the days are getting longer. :)

    Enjoy life outside the box. (aka the computer).

  8. Ha!
    Gawd, how I dread it. Yeah, sun is kinda nice but nothing gets done!


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